We are a creative agency with Swedish roots, based in Hamburg. We move brands and people by developing and implementing strategies, communication and design concepts – always with a Swedish Edge.

We combine a Swedish point of view on strategy and communication with more than 20 years of experience and competence on the german market – offering a unique profile to help brands to grow and glow.
In order to find clearer, better communication and design solutions, we take on progressive values as well as Nordic ways of thinking and working modes – providing brands with strong competitive advantages and measurable results.

We apply a cultural approach we like to call The Swedish Edge – straightforward creative communication based on inclusion and progressive values with a warm and human undertone.

Our way of thinking and working is characterized by creativity, equal values, clarity, directness, hands-on mentality, transparency and fairness – fueled by trendsetting digital and design competence, a good sense of innovation and a sensitivity for sustainability.

A Nordic mix of rationality and creativity

We have a strong focus on the consumer perspective and use it as a springboard for the brand strategy, the design and the communication. Our Nordic mix of rational thinking and creative intelligence paves way for creating and producing 360° advertising campaigns and content, innovative brand identities and platforms, to digital content and websites, design systems with visual guidelines – all ready to be implemented in channels relevant to the target audience.

Our digital compass points north

Stockholm follows as a technology center right after Silicon Valley. The fast, agile digital development in the Nordic countries is both compass and seismograph for our work – enabling companies in Germany to be first movers. To harness the opportunities of sustain- able digital transformation, our vision for brands is to apply a sociological, human centered direction rather than using an inaccessible technical approach – aiming directly into the heart of the target group.

Progressive values meet common sense

We work according to progressive values, straight from the Nordics. We believe in inclusion, gender equality and parity, and that no one should stand above others. We believe that flat hierarchies and short decision paths make us quicker and more productive. We think like entre- preneurs, are fair and transparent, always putting our clients needs first.
By applying these values, we create better results – helping us to catapult our customers into the future

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